Home to the Packers, great cheese, Spotted Cow and… great whiskey? You read that right, Wisconsin is home to some incredible distilleries and more are showing up all the time. Let’s look at five that stand out!

1. Great Lakes Distillery

When you are the first distillery in the state since the Prohibition Era you have an automatic spot on the list. Combine that with award winning whiskey and spirits and you have a recipe for the #1 spot. GLD was opened in 2004 in Milwaukee and prides themselves on high-quality, small-batch spirits made using local ingredients when possible. They also do an incredible job at making a visit to the distillery a memorable event; from their live comedy cask nights to their award winning distillery tour, we highly recommend a visit.

2. 45th Parallel Distillery

45th Parallel Distillery is named for their unique location, halfway between the North Pole and Equator better known as, you guessed it, the 45th parallel. However, their geography isn’t the only thing extraordinary in New Richmond and it shows with their dedication to making high quality spirits from quality ingredients. One of the first 50 craft distilleries in the United State, 45th Parallel knows how to make some delicious spirits. Whether you are a whiskey, vodka, or gin fan, 45th Parallel will have something for you. They offer a top notch tour that also comes with a tasting so you can try a bit of everything. 

Oftentimes the best decisions are ones that people think are just a little bit crazy. That is exactly what people called Nick Quint in 2006 when he came out of retirement to start Yahara Bay. Turns out you don’t build one of the best distilleries in Wisconsin without being a little crazy. Over the years Yahara Bay has gone from producing three spirits to over forty! They also recently moved into a new 20,000 square foot facility to make room for even more ideas. If you are looking for ingenuity, variety, and to mix things up on your next gameday weekend in Madison, look no further.

Twisted Path is a fitting name for this distillery as founder Brian Sammons has had anything but an ordinary journey to becoming a distiller. Brian’s background involves working in counter-terrorism with the Department of Defense and CIA, counterintelligence operations at the CIA and also attending law school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Quite the “Twisted Path” if you ask us. I think it’s safe to say that amongst distillers, Brian likely has the most interesting stories in all of Wisconsin… it just might take a few extra pours to convince him to tell them. That alone might have put Twisted Path on this list, but add in the amazing spirits they produce and you have yourself a winning combination.

5. Copper Crow Distillery 

Located in the northwestern tip of Wisconsin lies Copper Crow Distillery. Copper Crow Distillery is the first native American owned distillery in the USA. Copper Crow prides themself on taking all the natural resources the land has provided for them and they do this by using regionally sourced grains and ingredients for their production. When you visit Copper Crow Distillery you are treated like family and tours and tastings are available from their team. If you are looking for an under the radar distillery look no further. Copper Crow Distillery is truly one of the best distilleries in Wisconsin.