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As a devoted fan of whiskey and bourbon, I have stumbled upon a YouTube channel that has captured my heart and taste buds – the Bourbon Junkies. Recently, they released a fascinating video titled “Every Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Ranked,” in which Dan and Sean blind-tasted 11 different bottles of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and ranked them on a scale of 1-100. As they combined their scores, we were presented with an ultimate ranking that sparked intriguing debates and valuable insights for any whiskey enthusiast. In this review, we’ll delve into the highlights of the video and discover which Jack Daniel’s expressions stood out and why.

The Blind Tasting Challenge

The Bourbon Junkies blind tasting challenge was a testament to their unbiased approach to whiskey ranking. By eliminating preconceptions and brand biases, they aimed to provide an honest and transparent evaluation of each whiskey’s characteristics. It’s an approach that resonates with whiskey connoisseurs and novices alike, as it reveals the true essence of the spirit without any external influences.

The Top Four

After the initial round of blind tasting, four whiskies emerged as the cream of the crop: Coy Hill, 12-year, Single Barrel Barrel Proof, and 10-year expressions. The fact that these four survived the first cut demonstrated their exceptional qualities and piqued my curiosity about what set them apart from the rest.

One standout quote from the video was “Jack Daniels at a higher proof is just better.” This observation could be a game-changer for those seeking a more intense and flavorful experience from their whiskey. Dan and Sean’s preference for higher-proof expressions could potentially influence other whiskey enthusiasts to explore Jack Daniel’s offerings with a higher ABV, leading to new and exciting tasting experiences.

“Jack Daniel’s at a higher proof is just better.” – Sean Paisley


Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Special Release Coy Hill – R1: 198pts R2: 191pts

The crowned champion of the tasting, Coy Hill, undoubtedly impressed Dan and Sean with its outstanding flavors and complexity. Both called it one of the best whiskies they have ever had. They were left almost speechless after drinking using wild Buzzlightyear comparisons. While I haven’t had the opportunity to try this yet, it’s now on the top of my “need to drink” list because of this video. 


Jack Daniel’s 12 Year – R1: 198pts R2: 185pts

The second-place finisher, the 12-year expression, showcased the effects of extended aging, which resulted in a well-balanced and refined whiskey. Lots of oak notes were picked up by Sean while Dan mentioned cheesecake and caramel drizzled bananas. 


Single Barrel Barrel Proof – R1: 170pts R2: 180pts

Just missing out on one of the top two spots, this high-proof Single Barrel variant still earned significant praise. Although it came across as much different than the others both Sean and Dan loved the more savory notes which would then fade into sweetness. I haven’t tried this yet either but need to now. 


Jack Daniel’s 10 Year – R1: 182pts R2: 162pts

Rounding out the final four, the 10-year expression displayed the perfect balance of maturity and vibrancy. Dan said this one might be the best on the nose and compared it to the most American breakfast ever. Sean called this “the smoothest whiskey of the entire lineup” 

Jack Daniel's 10 Year

Middle of the Pack

While the focus is often on the top and bottom of the rankings, the whiskies that landed in the middle of the pack deserve some attention too. These expressions, like the Single Barrel Select, No. 27 Maple wood finish, and Bottled-in-Bond, showcased unique characteristics that cater to different palates. The video’s exploration of these offerings encourages viewers to embrace variety and appreciate the distinctiveness each whiskey brings to the table.


Single Barrel Select– 150 points

Marshmallows and bananas were two notes that the guys pointed out with this whiskey. They called this a classic Jack Daniel’s taste. Sean noted that this was a “crushable” drink. 

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select


No. 27 Maple Wood Finish – 133 points

It was noted by Dan that this smelled like a banana peel while sean stated it was close to a banana peep. The first thing they noticed after tasting was the lower proof. Dan noted that the finish was lacking but it was an easy drinker.  

Jack Daniel's No.27 Maple Wood Finish


Jack Daniel’s Bottled In Bond – 109 points

This is where we start to see a drop off in score and likely quality. Again Banana notes were mentioned right off the bat. Dan thought it was more of an artificial banana taste. Cinnamon was also mentioned as being very strong in this whiskey. 

Jack Daniel's Bottled In Bond


Jack Daniel’s Bonded – 100 points

A perfect middle of the road score! Dan called out a sweet smokey mesquite smell. Sean wasn’t a huge fan of the whiskey right off the bat. Sean didn’t like this one as much which brought the score down a bit. 

Jack Daniel's No.27 Maple Wood Finish

Bottom Tier 

Every whiskey tasting session is bound to have its winners and losers. In the case of the Bourbon Junkies ranking, the Triple Mash, Gentleman Jack, and Old #7 expressions found themselves in the bottom three spots. However, it’s essential to remember that whiskey appreciation is subjective, and while these expressions might not have resonated with Dan and Sean, they may still hold appeal for others with different preferences.


Jack Daniel’s Old #7 – 95pts

Both Sean and Dan agreed this one was hyper-typical Jack Daniels. Great flavor but the finish is not there. They nailed it when they said “This is your typical Jack Daniel’s whiskey” When we think Jack Daniel’s most think old #7, they nailed it.  

Jack Daniel's Old #7


Gentleman Jack – 88pts

Chocolate flavor initially stood out to both Dan and Jack. They agreed the proof was low and that you could almost feel the water in this whiskey. Overall it didn’t live up to the others. 

Gentleman Jack


Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash – 87pts

Taking last place by one point was Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash. Sean didn’t like the nose on this at all while Dan seemed to be on the fence. “moldy watermelon” was the comparison Sean gave to this one. Very different thoughts on this one between the two guys. Dan gave it a 72 while Sean gave it a 15. 

Jack Daniel's Triple Mash


Well, I have a lot of whiskey to sample now! The Bourbon Junkies, “Every Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Ranked” video was a delightful and informative journey through the world of Jack Daniel’s expressions. Dan and Sean’s blind-tasting approach brought objectivity to the table, resulting in a fair and comprehensive ranking. This video has undoubtedly influenced my future choices when perusing the liquor store shelves for the perfect Jack Daniel’s bottle. Whether you’re new to the world of whiskey or a seasoned connoisseur, this video provides valuable insights and highlights the rich diversity of Jack Daniel’s offerings. I eagerly await the Bourbon Junkies future adventures and reviews, confident that they will continue to elevate the whiskey community’s appreciation for this timeless spirit.